HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Turkey Creek

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I use to come there often and seen Keri. She cut my hair a long time. However, she left, or not sure the story.. but I’ve been back a few times since.. and these girls you all have on your staff can’t cut hair. I thought after the first time, maybe the girl was having a bad day. But no, I continue to get **** haircuts for A special 5.99 great clips cut. I will be finding or praying I find the girl who use to cut it, because she was the only one who knew my hair or cared or was able to remember anything. When I came in, it was ‘how is your sick sister doing’ not the same repeated questions from the same people who cut it all the time asking the typical ‘where do you work’ You need not only to train these girls to cut hair, but you need to make them know it’s not about ‘them’ every time I go their, it’s always, about them. And their day. When going is suppose to be relaxing. I don’t want to have a bad experience... I go for a cut about 5 weeks sometimes every month... the purpose of this - I’ve never left a Bad survey, I didn’t want to. But after 3 times since my girl done left... there something wrong with the picture .. people need to go back to school where they know how to cut, and y’all have lost my business. I’m 29 and in all my years of cutting, these last few haircuts my nephew could have done better. Higher people who can cut, who are not anti social or rude, and if they are socialable. Make it about me and my day. If I’m paying for a service that’s not great clips price, I don’t want to hear where my stylist is going to party that night. Instead I rather the attention to be at me. Oh, and to make it even better, after my wash, she was laughing, said ‘oops, missed some spots’ so had to go in with the scissors and chop off more. I’m not a hairstylist by any means, but I had to immediately leave to go get it done and fixed and they asked who the hell cut it. Sad thing is, great clips did better and they are cheaper. Teach your girls or your business will spiral if u can’t get people who can cut worth a ****. Vent over but I don’t recommend this place for anyone. You need to take the time, whoeever runs this business, I don’t know but train them before u lose more.

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